In light of the pandemic, we have created classic masks that are 100% made in Los Angeles, machine washable, stylish, and comfortable.  Most fabrics used are repurposed for sustainability.

We have also created Supreme masks which has added functions as indicated in the description. 

In the spring of 2021, we have launched Wa masks that are made in Japan.  They come in adult and kids sizes with adjustable ear straps.  

Our goal is to continue the habit of casually wearing masks even after the pandemic has passed for those who want to avoid getting sick, prevent others from getting sick, prevent pollen allergies, use in the kitchen, at the restaurant, for cashiers, tellers, etc. The use of masks are endless. For that reason, we have created our masks in various designs so that we can enjoy masks as part of our fashion.

We hope that wearing masks will eventually become part of culture. Let’s continue to protect ourselves and others.


In an effort to promote eco-friendly living, we are introducing, and hopefully spreading awareness of the handkerchief culture in Japan.

The use of handkerchief is constant in every day Japanese life.  We use them as personal towels to dry our hands after washing them while out, wipe our sweat on a hot day, soak up tears during a wedding, and many more ways.  Our ultimate goal is to encourage everyone in the US to make it a habit of carrying your own personal handkerchiefs on the go just like we do in Japan.  

For that reason, we have carefully selected premium towels from legendary manufacturers in Japan.  We hope that this new habit will be adopted here in the US, and help contribute to sustainability and prevent global warming.  Please enjoy our selections and help save the environment!